Moving Surface Roller Sensor

We offer a wide range of hand held thermocouple sensors for a variety of applications. All sensors are supplied with a 1 metre coiled lead when extended and a fixed miniature flat pin plug which makes them suitable for all our hand held indicators as well as most other proprietary brands of indicators. They can of course be connected to other instrumentation such as temperature controllers by using thermocouple extension cable and the appropriate connectors which can also found in this catalogue. We offer two styles of moving surface roller sensors. One has PFA wheels which makes it ideal for low abrasion resistance requirements and is rated to 250°C. The other has stainless steel wheels which is not as good as the PFA® version for abrasion resistance applications; however, it can be used up to 300°C.
The following types are available:
Moving Surface Roller Sensor
Order Code Description 1 - 4 5 - 9 10 - 19 Buy
206-875 PFA Wheels - Roller Sensor $182.40 $172.80 $155.50 Add
206-878 Stainless Steel Wheels - Roller Sensor $182.40 $172.80 $155.50 Add