Multi-function Calibrators

A full multi function calibrator at a very competitive price with excellent accuracy best describes this calibrator. It calibrates and simulates virtually all thermocouple and RTD inputs as well as volts, millivolts, pressure and frequency signals. It also combines several DMM functions like voltage measurement to 250V AC or DC. This combination of a high accuracy calibrator along with common DMM functions may make it the only instrument you need to maintain and calibrate your instrumentation. The instrument is also supplied with a moulded rubber holster which makes it ideal for harsh working environments. A dual display version is also available with all the features of our standard multi-function calibrator, except by showing the DC Voltage/DC Current ouput as well, transmitters can be easily calibrated too.
  • High accuracy on a wide variety of ranges for thermocouple, RTD, millivolts, volts, current and frequency
  • Each unit is supplied with standard test leads, 4AA batteries, NIST certificate and instruction manual (optional thermocouple lead kit available)
  • Thermocouple ranges: Types K, T, J, N, E, R, S, B, L and U RTD ranges: Pt385 (100, 200, 500 and 1000 ohms), Pt392, JIS, Ni120 and Cu10 Ohms ranges: 0 to 400.00 and 401.0 to 4000.0 mA ranges: 0-24.000 mA millivolts: -10 to 75mV Voltage: 0 to 20.000V (Input/Output) or 0 to 250V AC or DC (Input only) Frequency: 0-1000.0 CPM, 0 to 1000.0 Hz or 0 to 10.00 KHz
  • Accuracy: Thermocouple: ±0.4ºC RTD Pt100: ±0.1ºC ±0.075 ohms (±0.3ºC total error) Ohms: 0 to 400W ±0.025% ±0.05W, 401 to 4000W ±0.025% ±0.5W Voltage: ±0.015% reading ±2mV Current: ±0.015% reading ±2mA Frequency: ±0.05% FS ±1 LSD
  • MA compliance: Up to 1000 ohms load
  • Voltage drive capability: 1 mA
  • RTD frequency response: 10 mS - works with smart transmitters
  • Operating temperature: -10ºC to 50ºC
  • Power supply: 4 AA batteries
  • Weight: 820g
  • Size: 220 x 120 x 53mm (HxWxD)
  • The thermocouple cable connection kit is comprised of 1 Metre of PVC insulated lead, with a miniature flat pin connector at one end and bare tails at the other end, in thermocouple types K, T, J, N, E and R/S
The following types are available:
Multi-function Calibrator
Order Code Description 1 - 2 3 - 5 6 - 10 Buy
252-345 Multi-function Calibrator $4,169.00 $3,949.00 $3,729.00 Add
252-350 Dual Display Multi-function Calibrator $6,369.00 $5,929.00 $5,489.00 Add
898-564 Spare set of 4 AA batteries $5.60 $5.30 $5.00 Add
252-146 Thermocouple Cable Connection Kit $112.70 $101.20 $96.40 Add