The latest products from TC Direct

TC Direct is always looking to bring you the very latest products and up-to-the-minute technology. In this section of the website, we will be showcasing some of our latest products.

40mm Standard Pressure Gauge

40mm Standard Pressure Gauge This Bourdon Tube pressure gauge is an ideal choice for general purpose applications in any gaseous or liquid media that will not attack the copper alloy parts or obstruct the pressure system. It is available with either a back or a bottom entry and is ideal for use in pneumatic, medical engineering, heating and ventilation applications as well as other industrial processes. It has a clearly visible white dial with a black plastic case and is a available in a wide variety of pressure ranges.

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Brake Disc Rubbing Thermocouple

Brake Disc Rubbing Thermocouple This fast response thermocouple is designed to monitor brake disc temperatures up to 850°C. Spring pressure is easily adjusted via a screw and locknut and the sensor is easily mounted into position. A robust version is available for use in rugged environments (with the sensor wrapped around the frame). Terminated in a miniature thermocouple plug.

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Spring Bearing Thermocouple 'Top Hat Style'

Brake Disc Rubbing Thermocouple These bearing sensors are also designed for use in bearing shoes. The top hat shape allows spring loading by use of a spring and retaining ring clip. The sensor tip is inserted into the milled hole, then the retaining ring clip is pushed down to compress the spring and retain the sensor. Using these sensors will give reliable indication as to the bearing condition. This may provide an early warning of oil film breakdown and allow the machine to shutdown and avoid unnecessary damage.

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